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Podcast: The art of Paper Rad

August 15, 2007

As their exhibition closes Saturday evening and IRFMCU is being podcast only this month, in a break from tradition, this week’s I’m ready for my close-up is available to download now (30 hours early) to give our listeners a chance to get down to Conduit Street and check out the installation…
Alex Fitch interviews Jacob Ciocci and David Wightman members of the band Extreme Animals. Jacob is also a member of the art collective Paper Rad (for whose videos David has supplied sountracks) and while they were in Europe touring with their band Alex spoke to them about the Paper Rad exhibition showing at Sketch Gallery in London which Jacob curated. Paper Rad are famous for their low-fi DIY videos, art and comics which mix fanzine indie aesthetics with the detritus of our generation’s pop culture…
(mp3 format, 27.4mb)

For more info and a selection of different file formats you can download or stream, please visit the home of this episode at

Links: Wikipedia’s page on Paper Rad
Sketch Gallery’s press release about the show: PDF format / HTML format
Sketch Gallery’s website
Paper Rad and Deitch ProjectsSuper Mario Movie

N.B./ The following links are not suitable for viewing if you suffer from epilepsy, if you choose to click on them, it is your responsibility!
Paper Rad‘s website
Paper Rad comics
Extreme Animalsmyspace page


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