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Reality check: Escape Pod

January 10, 2008

Reality CheckReality Check logo: Escape Pod

Alex Fitch talks to Steve Eley who runs the weekly sci-fi podcast Escape Pod, which features readings of new and classic SF stories written by the likes of Neal Asher, Cory Doctorow, Robert Silverberg and Isaac Asimov.

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Links: Steve’s podcasts: Escape Pod, PseudoPod and Escape Pod Classic
Info about Escape Pod at wikipedia
Articles on Escape Pod at and

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I love radio dramas, it’s a format that seems to be dying out over here (Canada)–is the situation much different in England? It is truly a “theatre of the mind” and it’s no small wonder that a writer like Samuel Beckett loved the format, some of his best pieces initially written for performance on the radio. Good post, thanks for the tip…

Cliff Burns

January 10, 2008

Dear Cliff,

actually Radio drama seems to keep going in this country. There’s always new stuff on the BBC (including a channel devoted to it on Digital) and companies like Big Finish, Magic Bullet and Cosmic Hobo do great Sci-Fi ‘radio’ plays on CD…
Thanks for your comment last week as well. Hopefully Life on Mars will turn up on BBC Canada (?) in due course…

best wishes,


January 10, 2008

“Life on Mars”, “The Mighty Boosh”, “Black Books”…there’s nothing even CLOSE to those fine programs over here. The state of Canadian broadcasting (TV and radio) is absolutely appalling, the best we can manage is bio pics on Canadian personalities no one gives a crap about and programming slotted toward special interest groups. Christ, the broadcasting policies in this country are dated, out of touch and embarrassing…

Cliff Burns

January 10, 2008

Still, at least you have some good film makers coming out of Winnepeg…
Sounds like you might have to invest in a multi region DVD player and order some of our TV on shiny disc…


January 11, 2008

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