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Panel Borders: Manhua! China Comics Now part 3 – Chihoi Lee and Hok Tak Yeung

March 27, 2008

Originally broadcast 27/03/08 as part of Strip! on Resonance 104.4 FM

This is the third of five* podcasts looking at the Manhua! China comics now exhibition at the London College of Communication in the Elephant and Castle. Manhua! China comics now is a month long exhibition featuring the best of recent Chinese comic book art. In this episode Alex Fitch hosts a round table discussion with curator Paul Gravett and Hong Kong artists Chihoi Lee and Hok Tak Yeung.
(Yes, I know it started off as two and then became four and is now five, but that’ll be it honest!)

Visit the home of this episode at

Links: Info on Manhua! China comics now at the LCC website, Paul Gravett’s website and the China Now website
Chihoi Li’s website
Hong Kong Arts Development Council page on Hok Tak Yeung’s How blue is my valley


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