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Today’s show: Breaking conventions

April 24, 2008

Today’s show is all about breaking conventions. Not just because I like a good pun but also because half of today’s interviews were recorded at conventions over the easter weekend last month, while Virginie Selavy’s interview later in the show is with cartoonist and film maker Marjane Satrapi whose film and graphic novel Persepolis breaks with convention in terms of depictions of the middle east, comic book adaptations and autobiography.
Over the Easter weekend there were two very different conventions going on in London, both of which mixed industry, professionals and fans. Alex attended Orbital, the sci-fi literary convention held at a hotel near heathrow and interviewed a variety of fans and sci-fi professionals about their interests and trade.
You can hear all 8 of the interviews from Orbital at but as two of the writers featured are also comic creators you can hear Alex Fitch’s interviews with Neil Gaiman and last week’s guest, Bryan Talbot on today’s show.
Before that, in order to record the show in two places at once, small press creator, Oliver Lambden, who draws the popular indie comic Tales from the flat, interviews a variety of creators and one girlfriend at the post pub get-together after the UK Web & Mini Comix Thing, a comic book convention for self published and internet comic creators which was held in Mile End. At the same time as that, a rival mini comix protest was held in Camden, so Oliver talked to attendees of both, about what they got from either attending the East End convention or boycotting the event and heading west.

Thursday 24/04/08 5pm, Resonance 104.4 FM (London) / streamed at

Links – Selavy / Satrapi:
Random House page on the Persepolis graphic novels
Review round up”
Wikipedia page on Marjane Satrapi
Print version of Virginie’s interview at Electric Sheep Magazine

Lambden / UK Web & Mini Comix Thing
Info on comics by… Oliver Lambden & Laurence Powell, Jake Harold, David Baillie, Mike Rouse-Deane, Dan Lester, Sean Azzopardi, Oli Smith, Adam Cadwell and Marc Ellerby
Small Press Info blog –
London Underground Comics – distributor of small press titles @ Camden Market on Saturdays

Fitch / Orbital
Orbital Eastercon website
Bryan Talbot’s ‘official fanpage’
Neil Gaiman and Paul Cornell’s blogs
Listen to the complete Eastercon coverage at Sci-Fi London

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