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Today’s show: Being Dave and working with Alan

July 10, 2008

Strip!: Being Dave and working with Alan

To compliment our annual interview with Alan Moore (2007 part one, part two, part three / 2008 part one, part two, video), on today’s Strip!, Alex Fitch is talking to a couple of comic book artists who did their most famous work with Alan…

Dave Gibbons
Dave Gibbons drew Watchmen which is currently being turned into a multi-million dollar blockbuster and has drawn a variety of seminal comics on both sides of the Atlantic from Green Lantern to Dan Dare.

David LloydDavid Lloyd drew the anarchic parable V for Vendetta, first published in Warrior Magazine / completed at DC comics and specialises in comic book noir from Night Raven to his recent graphic novel for the French market.

Alex talks to both Daves about their careers so far, working on more personal projects such as The Originals and Kickback respectively and what they thought of the Hollywood adaptations of their most famous works…

5pm, Resonance 104.4 FM 10/07/08
This show will also be available as a video podcast…

Links: Wikipedia pages on Dave Gibbons, Watchmen and The Originals
Page on Dave’s work at Lambiek and 2000AD online
Watch Fitch and Gibbons in a youtube video advertising Oli Smith’s LUC stall

Wikipedia pages on David Lloyd and V for Vendetta
David’s website –

Comics news:

Comics and 'zines flyer

Also: Online now at Manchester Met’ Contemporary Film and Video:

Tales from the Flat: the movie! (sort of)

To quote one of the stars, Oliver Lambden: “Alex Thomson, Jack Tomkins and Jon Hull recently completed their final piece for their film degrees at Manchester Uni and they decided to make a short documentay all about Modern Monstrosity and The Camden Comics Stall. Give it a watch, it’s bloody awesome, the soundtrack’s amazing, it’s only ten minutes long and it’s viewable here…”

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