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Panel Borders and other podcasts

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Strip! at Christmas…

December 19, 2008

Resonance FM is broadcasting repeats from Monday 22nd December to Sunday January 4th, 2009, so there’ll be no Strip! broadcast Christmas day as I’m sure you’d all rather be watching the Queen’s Speech. However, Strip! will be er… stripped throughout the week after with a daily repeat of the best episodes of the last three months from Monday 29th December – Friday 2nd Jan at 2.30pm daily:

Strip!: Charles Burns’ Fear(s) of the dark
Guest presenter Virginie Sélavy talks to the renowned American comic book artist and writer Charles Burns about Black Holeand the French portmanteau film Fear(s) of the dark…
Originally broadcast September 25th 2008,
repeat: 2.30pm Monday 29th December 2008

Alex Fitch talks to Alan Moore

Alex Fitch talks to Alan Moore

Strip!: Alan Moore’s ‘From Hell’ and Psycho Geography
Alex Fitch talks to writer and magician Alan Moore about collaborating with artist Eddie Campbell on his masterpiece From Hell and the two comic book adaptations of his performances Snakes and Ladders and The Birth Caul.
Originally broadcast October 23rd 2008,
repeat: 2.30pm Tuesday 30th December 2008

Strip: Eddie Campbell – the life and many deaths of the artist
Alex Fitch talks to artist / writer Eddie Campbell about his books The Fate of the Artist, The Black Diamond Detective Agency and The Amazing, Remarkable Monsieur Leotard.
Originally broadcast October 30th 2008,
repeat: 2.30pm Wednesday 31st December 2008

Alex Fitch talks to Jill Thompson

Alex Fitch talks to Jill Thompson

Strip!: The art of Jill Thompson
Alex Fitch talks to Jill Thompson about her spooky graphic novellas for all ages: Magic Trixie and Scary Godmother and about drawing DC comics such as Sandman and Wonder Woman…
Originally broadcast November 13th 2008,
repeat: 2.30pm Thursday 1st January 2009

Strip!: The work of Art Spiegelman
Guest presenter Grant Rogers talks to Pulitzer prize winning author Art Spiegelman about his seminal work Maus and the 30th anniversary republication of Breakdowns, his sophomoric collection of underground strips…
Originally broadcast November 27th 2008, repeat:
2.30pm Friday 2nd January 2009

The next new episode will follow at the usual time and day on January 8th 2009 and Alex Fitch will be talking to acclaimed children’s illustrator and comic book artist Raymond Briggs about his career…

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