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Wheel Me Out magazine Summer 2009

June 24, 2009

Issue 4 of Wheel Me Out magazine

Issue 4 of Wheel Me Out magazine

The latest issue of the online magazine ‘Wheel Me Out’ is now available to download and includes transcripts of Alex Fitch’s interview with Park Chan-Wook about his film “I’m a cyborg but it’s okay”

Compared with other people I am relatively ignorant of pop culture. I tend to listen to classical music mainly and also read classical books. I don’t really watch recent films, mostly old ones. I’ve never played a computer game!

However, I am very interested in new technology so I’m trying to employ it in my films and am very positive about using computer graphics. In I’m a Cyborg… it’s quite visible that I relied on CGI, compared with my previous films where the CGI is invisible.

Sarah Lightman’s interview with David Lloyd about his artistic practice and influences on his work from the start of his career in advertising to his most recent graphic novel, “Kickback” …

It’s tougher to enter this business now than it was for me. There’s much more competition. Despite the fact that comic books aren’t selling as they used to, there’s no apparent reduction in the number of people who want to work in the field. I think this is because sequential art is something that people fall in love with and want passionately to work at.

Ananda Pellerin’s interview with Cosey Fanni Tutti, a founding member of the art / music collective Throbbing Gristle

My dad was a Fire Chief but he also did electronics. He used to build wirelesses and TVs and things. I look back now and see exactly why I am the way I am. I was listening to all this weird noise as he was tuning things in, circuit boards going off. He bought me a tape recorder when I was ten and said “you don’t need a record player, you can take this and do things instead.”

…and much more, including competitions to win mugs, CDs and posters…

Available now at / info about the previous issue

Also, at Sci-Fi London, there’s a partial transcript of Alex’s interview with Antony Johnston looking at writing the Dead Space comic book and in game dialogue…

With something like “Dead Space”, there are so many different media to take into account and the storyline, the master, overall storyline is so large, complex and there’s so much of it. With the comic, we knew we wanted to do a prequel and we knew roughly at that point how the game was going to pan out, so it was a question of “How are we going to establish the back story?”. We have to establish the tone the game is going to take, but we can’t give away clues that would help people to sort of cheat or beat the game. We can’t give away too many secrets that will spoil the game for people.

Read online now at / listen to the full version of Alex’s interview with Antony as a podcast…

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