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Sci-Fi London Oktoberfest 2009

October 23, 2009

Sci-Fi London Oktoberfest 2009

Some of the delights of Sci-Fi London Oktoberfest

Some of the delights of Sci-Fi London Oktoberfest

The second of this year’s Sci-Fi London festivals is shorter but perfectly formed, taking place over two nights in two different locations…

Friday 23rd October at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich:

As part of the International Year of Astronomy celebrations, SFL have teamed up with the Royal Observatory Greenwich to create a brand new Planetarium show: SCI-FI-UNIVERSE where we look at the night sky from a sci-fi perspective. Do you know where Space 1999’s Moonbase Alpha was located? In Hitchhikers’ Zaphod and Ford came from Betelgeuse, but do you know where that is in the night sky? And what would the sky look like from Vulcan? Find out which stars and planets in science fiction films and literature are real or simply journey to a ‘galaxy far far away’ in this unique planetarium experience.
Plus: panels and talks by space scientist Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock, writers Paul Cornell, Simon Guerrier and Paul McAuley, journalist and film maker Timandra Harkness and many more, as well as special screenings of STAR TREK (2009) and FOR ALL MANKIND (1989)

Saturday 24th October at the Apollo Piccadilly Cinema, Lower Regent Street:
Our legendary ‘all nighters’ return with anime – including the UK premieres of Evangelion 1.0: You are (not) alone and Mamoru Oshii’s The Sky Crawlers – Aliens vs.Predator and MST3K strands. Also, following the success of the live improv redub of Labyrinth at our Spring festival, we are proud to present live stand-up comedy curated by Alex Fitch and Jessica Fostekew, featuring Sara Pascoe (Free Agents / In the thick of it), Mould and Arrowsmith, Lou Sanders, Rob Deb, Mark Restuccia and MC James Acaster.

This should be a great weekend – don’t just take our word for it, check out the coverage at the New York Times Globetrotters blog and Mould and Arrowsmith’s interview in The Guardian Science Weekly podcast

More info:

In association with: Sci-Fi London logo


For those of us that grew up having heard the stories from a mysterious place called Burbank of a horror movie fan and his wife entertaining countless trick or treaters with live Halloween shows, low and behold you too can now experience them at BOB BURNS’ HOLLYWOOD HALLOWEEN.COM. From now until October 31, you will be able to relive Bob, Kathy and countless others as they recount the experiences of recreating everything from HG Wells’ travels through time to the search through the bowels of the Nostromo being stalked by an ALIEN.
You can watch online chapters of this amazing documentary along with photo gallery, bios and links to other classic movie websites. Every week there will be 4 new chapters available to watch, with the entire documentary viewable from Oct 31st.
Experience Halloween the way it was meant to …through the eyes of Bob Burns and Friends.

and: Autumn comics conventions

October 24th and 25th: The MCM Expo at the Excel centre in London’s Docklands includes appearances by Andy Diggle, Jock, Leigh Gallagher, Alan Grant, Ben Templesmith ,Kieron Gillen and Emma Vieceli – more info at

Also on Sunday October 25th, there’s the Women in Comics one-day conference at Murray Edwards College New Hall in Cambridge: which includes Belgian-based artist Dominique Goblet in conversation with Paul Gravett, Corrine Pearlman and Woodrow Phoenix discussing autobiographical comics work, Helen McCarthy on women and gender roles in the work of Osamu Tezuka, and other talks by Sarah McIntyre and Asia Alfasi. More info at

5th to the 26th of November: Comica, the three week festival of comics in and around the Institute of Comtemporary Arts in London includes appearances by Eddie Campbell, David Lloyd, Brian Talbot, James Jean and Tara McPherson. – more info at

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