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Today’s show: From Wonderland with love

May 27, 2010

Today on Resonance FM

Strip!: From Wonderland with love

Extracts from From Wonderland with love by Jacob Ørsted with Søren Mosdal and Simon Bukhave

Extracts from From Wonderland with love by Jacob Ørsted with Søren Mosdal and Simon Bukhave

In the last of this month’s shows about ‘cross-cultural comics’, Alex Fitch talks to Steffen P. Maarup about the collection of Danish comics he’s edited and translated into English: From Wonderland with love – Danish comics in the third Millennium, an anthology that surveys the current comics scene in Denmark and collects creators from outside the world of comics also, including illustrators and fine artists alongside their sequential art peers. Alex and Steffen also talk about the wider world of Danish comics, including Danes who have found work on American titles and the controversy over the dozen cartoon illustrations printed in the Jyllands-Posten (Jutland Post) which led to death threats for the creators.

5pm 27/05/10, Resonance 104.4 FM (London) / streamed at

Links: Steffen’s publishing company – Aben Maler
The Comics Journal message board thread on From Wonderland with love
Info about – the International Comics festival in Copenhagen

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London ‘zine symposium

Saturday 29th May 2010, The Rag Factory, off Brick Lane, London sees the finest ‘zine, small press comics, art pamplet and radical literature creators convene for this one day festival. Badges, cakes, prints and comix!

The Rag Factory, Heneage Street, London E1 5LJ /

Spring 2010 MCM Expo

…or heading further East, is this first of this year’s MCM Expos in the London Docklands – cast and crew from SF series Caprica, Fringe and Stargate: Universe rub shoulders with some of the top UK comic creators such as Ben Templesmith, Jock, Paul Cornell, Richard Starkings, Andy Diggle, Paul Duffield, Marc Ellerby, Kieron Gillen, Gary Northfield, Jamie McKelvie, Daniel Merlin Goodbury, Emma Vieceli, Jon Scrivens, Sarah McIntyre, Melody Lee, Gary Erskine, Oliver Lambden, John Aggs, Lizz Lunney, Ilya, Ian Churchill, Simon Spurrier and Kevin Maguire!

Saturday 29th / 30th May, Excel Centre, Docklands, London E16 1XL /


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