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Today’s show: Doctor in the TARDIS

June 25, 2010

Today on Resonance FM

I’m ready for my close-up special: Doctor in the TARDIS

A soslovie of ersatz Doctors gather outside a replica TARDIS at the Time Quest 2 convention in Theobalds park

A soslovie of ersatz Doctors gather outside a replica TARDIS at the Time Quest 2 convention in Theobalds park

On the eve of the season finale of the current series of Doctor Who, Alex Fitch looks at the enduring legacy of the show in a trio of interviews recorded at a ‘Who’ convention in the Home Counties. Alex talks to former Doctor Sylvester McCoy, former Time Lord nemesis (and honorary Doctor) Michael Jayston, and Who writer turned award winning short story creator Rob Shearman about their love of the BBC institution. Alex also phones San Franciscan cosplay expert Johanna Mead about creating Who inspired costumes and contributing to the anthology ‘Chicks dig Time Lords’.

4.30pm, Friday 25/06/10, repeated 11am, Sunday 27/06/10 Resonance 104.4 FM (London) / streamed at

Links: Wikipedia pages on Sylvester McCoy, Michael Jayston, The Valeyard and Rob Shearman

Rob Shearman‘s website:
Listen to Alex’s first interview with Rob, recorded shortly after the first broadcast of Dalek and the uncut version of their interview recorded at Theobalds park

Doctor Who audio trailer archive

Johanna Mead‘s website –

Buy Chicks dig Timelords featuring Johanna Mead and Wanting to believe and Running through corridors by Rob Shearman from

Buy Love songs for the shy and cynical by Rob Shearman, He Jests at Scars starring Michael Jayston and ‘season 27’ starring Sylvester McCoy at

Info about Tenth Planet events, hosts of Time Quest 2

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Comica Argentina

A mini Comica festival for Summer: an exhibition of the cream of Argentine comic art accompanies a trio of events at King’s Place in Somers Town…

July 2nd: Paul Gravett gives an illustrated talk about the history of comic art in Argentina. 6.30 pm
July 3rd: The Mystery Of The First Animated Movies – Gabriele Zucchelli’s documentary film, made in 2006, explores the making of El Apóstol. 6.30 pm
July 4th: Paul Gravett talks to cartoonist Oscar Grillo and director / animator Gabriele Zucchelli. 6.00 pm

The exhibition is being held at Canning House, 2 Belgrave Square, London SW1X 8PJ to June 25 and then at King’s Place, 90 York Way, London N1 9AG from July 1st-4th.

More info at

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