Panel Borders and other podcasts

Panel Borders and other podcasts

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Spring 2011 in print

April 14, 2011

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Drive AngryDrive Angry
Release date: 25/02/11 (Cinema)

The Insatiable MoonThe Insatiable Moon
Release date: 04/03/11 (Cinema)

Soure CodeSource Code
Release date: 01/04/11 (Cinema)

Electric Sheep comics…

Excerpt from Notes on horror by Lisa GornickNotes on horror: a cartoon notebook,
illustrated article by Lisa Gornick

Adele Blanc Sec by Luc Besson, review by Dan Lester The Extraordinary adventures of Adele Blanc Sec
Release date: 22/04/11 (Cinema)
Review by Dan Lester




Duncan Jones Alex Fitch interviews Duncan Jones,
director of Moon and Source Code

Halloween H20 ‘The Many lives of Laurie Stode’,
final girl of the Halloween franchise

The Exorcist William Peter Blatty’s ‘faith trilogy’:
The Exorcist / The Ninth Configuration / Exorcist III


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