Panel Borders and other podcasts

Panel Borders and other podcasts

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Summer 2011 in print

September 1, 2011

ready for my close-up logo


Release date: 27/05/11 (Blu-Ray)

Musashi - Dream of the last SamuraiMusashi – Dream of the last Samurai
Release date: 04/07/11 (DVD)

Batman LiveBatman Live
Release date: 24/08/11 (Theatre)

The Skin I live inThe Skin I live in
Release date: 26/08/11 (Cinema)

Electric Sheep comics…

Extract from Hardware comic strip review by Douglas Noble Hardware
Release date: 22/06/09 (DVD)
Review by Douglas Noble

Excerpt from Twilight Zone comic strip review by John Spelling The Twilight Zone, season one
Release date: 02/05/11 (Blu-Ray)
Review by John Spelling

Extract from The Silent House comic strip review by Andrew Cheverton The Silent House
Release date: 01/08/11 (Blu-Ray)
Review by Andrew Cheverton



The Apocalypse trilogy by Richard Kelly

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