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March 1, 2012

In this list is everything not covered under ‘film’ and ‘comics’, so includes writers, art, gallery shows and so on…

[Currently covers 01/01/07 – 28/02/12, index last updated 01/03/12
Interviews conducted between 27/02/05 and 29/04/08 are indexed at]


James Jarvis (De Profundis / Amos Toys)
Jim Kay ( Mr Benn / King Rollo)
David McKee ( A Monster Calls / The Flaxfield Quartet )

Gallery shows and museums

Lord Baker of Dorking (Donor: Her Maj Exhibition)
Chloe Brooks (Dreamspace Gallery)
Jeremy Deller (It is what it is: Baghdad [car] 2007) – interview by Roger Tolson
Andrew Hewish (Islington Drawing Centre)
Jo Hatton (Keeper of the Robot Zoo, Horniman Museum)
John Huddy (Curator: The Illustration Gallery)
Martin Myrone (Curator: ‘Rude Britannia’ at Tate Britain)
Anita O’Brien (Curator: The Cartoon Museum / Heath Robinson exhibition)
Curating art as Play (Interviews with curator Julia Alvarez and collector Sara Pierce)
Exhibiting art as Play (Artists: Natasha Kissell, Sarah Baker and Niel Zakiewicz)
James Taylor (Historian, Imperial War MuseumIan Fleming and James Bond)
Brian Wildsmith (Animal Gallery @ The Illustration Cupboard)
Lydia Yee (Curator: The Martian Museum of Terrestrial art)

Music / radio producers

Steve Eley (Escape Pod)
DJ Food / Strictly Kev (The Search Engine / Magpie Music)
Dirk Maggs (Dirk Gently’s…) – interview by Duncan Nott and Alex Fitch
Dexter O’Neil (Fantom Films / Time Hunter)
Andrew Sewell (Blake’s 7)
Jo Tyler (Lobo / Salmon Doubts)


Stephen Baxter (Voyage / The H-Bomb Girl) – interview by Graham Sleight
Chris Carter (The X-Files)
John Clarke (Music Journalist: The Times)
Terry Deary (Horrible Histories)
Terrance Dicks (Doctor Who) – interview by Tim Phipps
Cory Doctorow (Little Brother / Overclocked)
Barry Forshaw (Jack Kirby Collector)
Matthew Graham (Life on Mars / Ashes to Ashes)
Paul Gravett (Great British Comics) – interviews by Oli Smith, Duncan Nott, Alex Fitch
Simon Guerrier (Doctor Who / The adventures of Prof. Bernice Summerfield)
Fiona Harper (Swept off her Stilettos)
Charlie Higson (The Fast Show / The Enemy / Young Bond)
Ed Hilyer a.k.a Ilya (The Clay Dreaming)
Charlie Kaufman (Synecdoche, New York / Being John Malkovich)
Joe Lidster (Torchwood)
Ian R. Macleod (Song of Time) – interview by Graham Sleight
Helen McCarthy (The Anime Encyclopedia)
David McGillivray (Frightmare / Satan’s Slave)
Richard Morgan (Black Man / The Steel Remains) – interview by Graham Sleight
Kim Newman (Empire / Sight and Sound)
Michael Punter (Playwright: Darker Shores / The Wolves)
Ian Rakoff (The Prisoner: Living in Harmony)
Brad Ricca (Super Boys: The Amazing Adventures of Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster)
John Rickards a.k.a. Sean Cregan (The Razor’s Gate / Winter’s End)
Gareth Roberts (Doctor Who) – interview by Simon Guerrier
Trina Robbins (Underground Comix)
Rob Shearman (Love songs for the shy and cynical / Doctor Who)
Alan Shubrook (Century 21 FX)
Stephen Thrower (Nightmare USA / Eyeball Magazine)
Matthew Sweet (Shepperton Babylon / Doctor Who audio)
Rachel Welch (Involution)
Toby Whithouse (Being Human / Doctor Who)
Mark Wright (Adventures of Luther Arkwright [radio] / Dr Who – Project: Lazarus)
Benjamin Yeoh (Nakamitsu / Yellow Gentlemen)


Charles Brownstein (Comic Book Legal Defense Fund)
Jeffrey Coghlan (producer Pontypool)
Rob Deb (Comedian: Geek Night Out)
Dr. Kevin Fong (NASA advisor, Battlestar Galactica) – interview by Chris Patmore
Alex Hogg (Musician: Minima, Silent Movie scores)
Ivo van Hove (Theatre director: The Antonioni Project)
Patricia Jeres (Co-President, Prism Comics)
Ceri May (Y Tuesday Poetry Club) – interview by Dickon Harris
Sergei Kapterev (Institute of Cinema Art in Moscow)
Johanna Mead (Cospaly expert / Costume designer)
Farah Mendlesohn (The British Science-Fiction Association) – interview by Virginie Sélavy
Sir Patrick Moore (The Sky at Night)
The Phoenix Games Club (Role Playing and Board games club, Plaistow)
James Rowley-Ashwood (Indie Movies Online)
Wing Commander Ken Wallis (Gyrocopter designer, You only live twice)
Wajid Yaseen (Artistic director, Ear Cinema)


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