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Panel Borders: Unleashing the Elephantmen

August 19, 2012

Panel from Elephantmen

Panel from Elephantmen

Unleashing the Elephantmen: Alex Fitch talks to writer, editor and letterer Richard Starkings, and Ian Churchill, one of a rotating team of artists on Elephantmen, an American monthly comic (primarily created by Brits) about retired super-soldiers that are half animal, half human hybrids. Mixing the sci-fi / noir ambience of Blade Runner with the anthropomorphic horrors of The Island of Doctor Moreau, the comic has been serialised since 2003 and in this episode, recorded in front of an audience at last year’s Bristol Small Press Expo, Alex talks to Richard and Ian about the origins of the title, Richard’s move to America as a creator and Ian’s own creator owned title, Marineman, which first appeared as a back-up strip in Elephantmen #25. Originally broadcast 19/08/12 onĀ Resonance 104.4 FM

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Links: Elephantmen official website
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