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Panel Borders: The Phoenix

September 16, 2012 ,

Cover of The Phoenix, art from Corpse Talk, Blimpville, The Pirates of Pangaea, Long Gone Don

Cover of The Phoenix, art from Corpse Talk, Blimpville, The Pirates of Pangaea, Long Gone Don

The Phoenix: In the first of a new series of Panel Borders, we start a month of shows looking at comic book anthologies with a recording of a panel discussion of the children’s comic The Phoenix. Creators Daniel Hartwell (writer: ‘Pirates of the Pangaea’), Neill Cameron (artist: ‘Pirates of the Pangaea’), Adam Murphy (‘Corpse Talk’), Robin Etherington (writer: ‘Long Gone Don’) and Patrice Aggs (‘Blimpville’) discuss creating serialised comics for children and how the title rose from the ashes of The DFC – hosted by David O’Connell (‘Tozo: The Public Servant’) and recorded live at Caption Festival, Oxford.

Visit, for more info and formats you can stream / download.

Links: The Phoenix official website
Caption festival website

Listen to podcasts about The DFC, featuring Robin and Lorenzo Etherington / Kate Brown, Dave Shelton and Ben Haggarty / Philip Pullman and Nick Abadzis / John Aggs, Patrice Aggs and Jim Medway

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Northants International Comics Expo

Set in the historic Wicksteed Leisure Park, panels include:
Storytelling – A meeting of mind with Alan Davis, Stormdogs With David Hine & Doug Braithwaite, Panel to Screen with Greg Staples, Adi Granov & Charlie Adlard, Jack Kirby Influences in modern comics with John Watson, Doug Braithwaite, Shaky Kane and Russell Payne from the Jack Kirby Museum, Erotic Art and Censorship in Comics with Melinda Gebbie, Tony Bennett and Paul Gravett, Alan Moore on How to Write Comics (plus hour long Q&A), Owning the Page with Doug Braithwaite, David Hine, Ian Churchill and Shaky Kane and Frank Bellamy a Retropect, followed by a short film with Paul Holder.

Saturday 22nd September 9.30am – 5pm / Sunday 23rd September 11am – 5pm

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