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The Pod Delusion episode 165

December 17, 2012

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Photo of Picturehouse cinema, Stratford

Photo of Picturehouse cinema, Stratford

Episode 165: This week – Is David Cameron finally right about something? Why do Bristol University Christian Union think that women should be seen and not heard? What’s the deal with the human rights act? Kate Russell speaks to Games Workshop co-founder and fantasy gaming legend Ian Livingstone and Alex Fitch ruminates on the future of arthouse film distribution following Cineworld’s takeover of PictureHouse cinemas.

Visit the home of this episode, for more info on downloading.

Links: Picturehouse cinemas website
Cineworld website

Recommended events:

Charlie Adlard signing and discussing his 100th issue of The Walking Dead

Charlie Adlard will be celebrating his 100th issue of The Walking Dead in January at Infintiy and Beyond. For those that haven’t seen details of events these as follows:


An Audience With Charlie Adlard – £2.00 per person

This evening event will feature a Q and A with Charlie, conducted by Alex Fitch, where he will discuss his run on the Walking Dead. Drinks and nibbles provided. This event is only open to a maximum of 50 people, on a first come first served basis. Attendees will receive a signed print and will be the first to see the as yet unannounced Infinity and Beyond Walking Dead #106 exclusive variant cover. Charlie will only be signing copies of #106 on this date.


An open signing for all that can make it!

Charlie will sign Walking Dead comics and books but attendees must purchase a copy of The Walking Dead #106 Infinity & Beyond exclusive cover.

*Events and times subject to change and variation without notice

More info on the Infinity and Beyond facebook page

Infinity and Beyond, 31 Castle Street, Shrewsbury, SY1 2XB


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