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Reality Check: The Scarifyers

January 30, 2013

Promo material for The Thirteen Hallows, David Warner and Terry Molloy, cover of The Scarifyers comic no.1

Promo material for The Thirteen Hallows, David Warner and Terry Molloy, cover of The Scarifyers comic no.1

The Scarifyers: As we enter Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary year, Reality Check investigates a radio drama series tangentally connected to the franchise. The Scarifyers is a horror / black comedy series, with new installments broadcast each year on BBC Radio 4 Extra (formerly BBC 7) and released on CD and concern the adventures of an elderly horror writer and his retired police sidekick as they investigate supernatural crimes and occurances in 1950s Britain. Alex Fitch talks to series writer and producer Simon Barnard and CD cover artist Garen Ewing about the genre crossing narrative, their love of old SF and horror and the use of iconic actors in new serialised roles in a series whose cast includes Terry Molloy (Doctor Who‘s Davros), Nicholas Courtney (Doctor Who‘s Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart) and David Warner (Time Bandits et al.). The supporting cast includes actors famous for roles in Doctor Who and other Sci-Fi dramas such as Gabriel Woolf, Philip Madoc, Gareth David-Lloyd and Brian Blessed.
(Expanded podcast of an episode of I’m ready for my close-up, broadcast 25/01/13 on Resonance 104.4 FM)

For more info about this podcast and a variety of other episodes you can download, please visit the home of this episode at

Links: Bafflegab productions website
Garen Ewing’s website
Listen to Alex’s previous interview with Garen about The Rainbow Orchid

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Zombies at the Science Museum

Zombies: the word alone is enough to get the pulse racing, but what makes them so terrifying? On a dark winter’s night at the Science Museum, we’ll explore the murky but fascinating world of consciousness and uncover the inner workings of the zombie psyche. From mind-altering drugs to the innate impulses we all feel, prepare to walk the line between human and zombie in surprising and theatrical ways. Bring your brain – and guard it carefully. There’ll also be prizes for the best-dressed zombies, so get creating your costumes!

Includes a lecture about zombies on film by Alex Fitch – time TBC – will be covering some of the same ground as the article on zombies after Romero from Electric Sheep: The End

Doors open 18.45, Wednesday 30th January 2013, Free (over 18s only)

Science Museum, Exhibition Road, London, SW7 2DD


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