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Panel Borders: Medusa, The Golem and other phantoms of fine art

December 12, 2013

Covers and interior art from Medusa and The Golem by Chirs Kent

Covers and interior art from Medusa and The Golem by Chirs Kent

Medusa, The Golem and other phantoms of fine art: Continuing a month of shows looking at the use of fine art techniques in comics and graphic novels, Alex Fitch talks to graphic novelist Chris Kent about his pair of self published books Medusa and The Golem, rendered using traditional fine art techniques. Medusa takes a metaphorical approach to the legend of the creature that turns witnesses to stone, while The Golem is a more literal approach as a turn of the century magician uses the Jewish creature of vengeance in his stage show to devastating effect. Originally broadcast Monday 9th December 2013, on Resonance 104.4 FM (London)

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Links: Chris Kent’s website
Read an extract from Medusa at
Director’s commentary page on Medusa and preview of The Golem on the Forbidden Planet International blog

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  1. Reviews: The Golem - Forbidden Planet Blog reblogged this and added:

    […] The layout too is very different from Medusa, here staying strictly to a nine panel grid. This could become repetitive, but Chris, while adhering to this layout still manages to vary things, by having some panels act as individual stand-alone panels while others act with their neighbouring panels to depict a larger single scene taking place across a few moments, and this keeps the nine panel format quite dynamic and visually diverse from page to page. It’s an intriguing piece, atmospheric, dark, disturbing, haunting, the sort of story those of us who love classic British horror films like Hammer or those iconic Victorian tales of the supernatural will find suits them perfectly. Properly bound as a book (no mini comics for Chris!), The Golem is available from the Graphite Fiction site and you can also find it in the small press sections of our Edinburgh and Glasgow branches. Good friend of the blog Alex Fitch recently interviewed Chris about Medusa and The Golem for Panel Borders, which you can check out here. […]

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