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Audio Dramatics: Approaching Baker’s End

December 20, 2017

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Promotional image for Bakers End / Katy Manning and Colin Baker / Cover of The Happenstance Pox

Promotional image for Baker’s End / Katy Manning and Colin Baker / Cover of The Happenstance Pox

An hour-long bimonthly podcast series in which Alex Fitch talks to actors and creators of audio dramas broadcast on radio or released on CD / download.

Approaching Baker’s End: In this episode Alex talks to the cast and crew of a comedy folk horror series entitled Baker’s End and produced by Bafflegab Productions. Lead actor Colin Baker discusses playing a fictionalised version of himself, Katy Manning explores being a companion of two Bakers and one Pertwee, following the departure of Tom in this serial and her tenure as a Doctor Who companion, and Ewan Bailey talks about joining the cast as the hysterical Reverend Ailing. Also writer Paul Magrs and director Simon Barnard discuss the history and genesis of the series. Originally broadcast 15th November 2017 on Resonance 104.4 FM

Visit, for more info and formats you can stream / download of the podcast.

More info about: Baker’s End on Bafflegab Productions’ website
Order Baker’s End: The Happenstance Pox from their site
Listen to: Alex’s previous interview with Paul Magrs about his series Brenda and Effie and Vince Cosmos: Glam Rock Detective
Alex’s interview with Simon Barnard about his other Bafflegab serial The Scarifyers

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