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Next week’s show: Dystopias and Parallel Worlds

January 12, 2019

On Wednesday 16th January at 5.30pm on Resonance 104.4 FM and DAB, Electric Sheep Film Show: Dystopias and Parallel Worlds

Posters for Hidden Reserves, Nothing Really Happens and Alpha Gateway

Posters for Hidden Reserves, Nothing Really Happens and Alpha Gateway

In this month’s Electric Sheep Film Show, Alex Fitch looks at dystopias and parallel worlds on film in three interviews recorded at SCI-FI-LONDON, the London International Science Fiction and Fantastic Film Festival. On stage, Alex talks to directors Valentin Hitz and John V. Soto about their films Hidden Reserves (Stille Reserven) and Alpha Gateway which depict worlds where corporations have subjugated humanity and travel between parallels is possible, and in a chat with actor / producer Joseph Graham, the latter discusses the surrealist suburban comedy Nothing Really Happens and his webcomic Monomania. With music selected by Kieron Gillen (The Wicked and the Divine) including future classics by Madge, Hayley Heynderickx, Sylan Esso and Jonathan Bree.

5.30pm Wednesday 16th January 2019, repeated 2.30am Friday 18th January, Resonance 104.4 FM and DAB (London) / broadcast streamed at / Resonance Replay stream on / podcast after broadcast at

Links: ‘The Monster Closet’ website, producers of Nothing Really Happens
Monomania website
Info about Hidden Reserves on
Alpha Gateway website
Buy Hidden Reserves and Alpha Gateway from

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