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Architecture Culture: Double Vision

February 20, 2020

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Sill and poster from Impossible Monsters / double page spread from Square Eyes

Sill and poster from Impossible Monsters / double page spread from Square Eyes

Double Vision: In this episode of Resonance’s monthly show on how Architecture and the built environment is represented in Culture, Alex Fitch talks to the creators of two works of fiction involving double vision. Graphic Novelists Anna Mill and Luke Jones discuss their book Square Eyes which depicts a dystopian future where the inhabitants of a city wear augmented reality glasses to see a more idealised version of their environment. Also, director Nathan Catucci explores the uncanny New York landscape of his thriller Impossible Monsters as a psychology professor’s research into sleep disorders leads to deadly results. Interviews recorded at Cartoon County, Brighton and Cine Excess 13, Birmingham City University.

Square Eyes is available now from Jonathan Cape; Impossible Monsters is currently sceeening in US cinemas, with its UK Vimeo / VOD release on March 3rd.

Originally broadcast Wednesday 19th February 2020 on Resonance 104.4 FM / DAB (London)

For more audio formats to download and stream, please visit

Links: Official Impossible Monsters website
Nathan Catucci’s website
Info about the Impossible Monsters screening at Cine-Excess 13
Official Square Eyes website
Mill and Jones’ website
Read Mill and Jones’ webcomic Exile’s Letter – also available in print from The Architecture Foundation

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