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Clear Spot: Vectrexians

October 29, 2020

Onscreen graphics for Galaxy Wars / Space Launcher and Every Day is Halloween by Binary Star Software and Glowing Pumpcart Cassette + Box cover for Vextrexians and graphics with overlay for Vector Patrol

Onscreen Vectrex graphics for “Galaxy Wars / Space Launcher” and “Every Day is Halloween” and Glowing Pumpcart Cassette by Binary Star Software + Box cover for “Vextrexians” and graphics with overlay for “Vector Patrol” by Tutsoft, Zara plays Vectrex

Vectrexians: In a Clear Spot looking at the continuing good fortunes of the Vectrex games console, an arcade style machine distributed in the UK by Milton Bradley in 1983, Alex Fitch talks to programmers Chris Malcolm and Kristof Tuts about their new games for the console, and to graphic novelist Zara Slattery about her experiences of playing the Vectrex and teenage years in arcades.

Partially broadcast 29th October 2020 on Resonance 104.4 FM / DAB (London)

For more audio formats to download and stream, please visit

Links: Kristof Tuts’ website
Chris Malcolm’s website and ebay page
Zara Slattery’s website
Vectrex fandom website including page on International Play Your Vectrex Day
Vectrex ProGaming Boards pages on International Play Your Vectrex Day and the week long competition – ‘Vector War X’ (31st Oct – Nov 7th)
Vectrex facebook page
Vectrex collector’s guide
Vectrex browser emulator
Listen to a panel discussion hosted by Hannah Berry with Zara Slattery and other Arts Foundation award shortlisted artists
Listen to interviews with cartoonists who have been inspired by video games, including Pat Mills, Kieron Gillen, Gene Luen Yang, Daniel Merlin Goodbrey and Bryan Lee O’Malley

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