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Reality Check: Space Odysseys

December 2, 2014

Cover of They by Kay Dick / Foredown Tower, Portslade / Still from 2001 / Keir Dullea at the BFI

Cover of They by Kay Dick / Foredown Tower, Portslade / Still from 2001 / Keir Dullea at the BFI

Space Odysseys: Celebrating Sci-Fi programming at the BFI and Brighton’s Cine-City festival, Alex Fitch talks to writer / actor Graham Duff (Nebulous) about the Cine-City performance of ‘They – A sequence of unease’ adapted from a surrealist novel by author Kay Dick. Alex also chats to broadcaster and author Matthew Sweet about the new BFI print of 2001 – A Space Odyssey, with an extract from his recent Q and A about the film, featuring Keir Dullea, broadcast 2nd December 2014 on BBC Radio 3. (With thanks to BBC Arts)
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Links: BBC Arts and Free Thinking websites
Info about the BFI Fear and Wonder season / the They performance at Cine-City (more…)

Podcast: The current state of Silent Movies

February 22, 2007 1 Comment

Last week’s show is now available for download… (mp3 format, 27.2mb)

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Tonight’s show: The current state of silent movies

February 15, 2007 6 Comments

Continuing our spurious anniversary month, tonight’s show coincidently coincides with the 8oth anniversary of the release of Hitchcock’s film ‘The Lodger’, so, to celebrate: having teased you with excerpts of our interview with Matthew Sweet – the writer and presenter of Silent Britain and Shepperton Babylon – for the past two weeks, tonight “I’m ready for my close-up” is proud to have Alex Fitch’s full interview with him on the subject of silent movies.
If you’re wondering whether the title of tonight’s show is a contradiction in terms… Well, you’ll just have to tune in to find out!

Regarding the podcast of last week’s (and probably this week’s) show… I’m having server problems at the moment, so there may be a bit of a delay. Sorry!

10.30pm GMT Resonance 104.4FM /

Links: BFI page on ‘Silent Britain’
Matthew’s episode of Back Row on Radio 4
Article by Matthew on the late Ernest Dudley
Transcript of BBC Four interview with Matthew
Wikipedia page on Hitchcock’s ‘The Lodger’

Tonight’s show: Scoring Silent Movies

February 8, 2007

It’s the one year anniversary of “I’m ready for my close-up” (I’ll track down a copy of Richard’s first show on William Greaves soon for podcasting) – so to celebrate the occasion we have a couple of shows about the birth of cinema and how it is still relevant and appreciated today.
Tonight, Alex Fitch is talking to Alex Hogg from the band Minima who are touring the country with a print of the 1928 film ‘The Seashell and the Clergyman’ written by Antonin Artaud. The film was infamously banned on first release in this country with the BBFC quoted as saying: “This film is so obscure as to have no apparent meaning. If there is a meaning, it is doubtless objectionable“.
Minima provide a terrific new soundtrack to the film and there will be extracts in tonight’s show which concludes with the start of an interview with Matthew Sweet, author of Silent Britain and Shepperton Babylon, and this will be continued next week.

Links: Minima’s myspace page which has info on forthcoming performances
IMDb page on ‘The Seashell & the Clergyman’
Wikipedia page on Artaud
Download clips from the film from ‘Expanded Cinema’
Director Germaine Dulac’s battle for authorship

10.30pm GMT Resonance 104.4FM /

Tonight’s show: Imbolc Day

February 1, 2007

It’s Imbolc day (Groundhog Eve if you’re American) which means we’re half way to Spring… To celebrate this minor event, Alex Fitch is sticking his head out of his metaphorical burrow and looking forward to various events in the cinema and home entertainment. Tonight’s show includes interviews with Matthew Sweet (Silent Britain) about his Doctor Who audio plays, Tom Purcell (animator) about winning “Best Imaginative Response to the Subject of War” at the IWM student film festival and Geoff Andrew (BFI) about forthcoming screenings at the NFT.

10.30pm GMT Resonance 104.4FM /