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Panel Borders and other podcasts

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While there are a variety of different ways to navigate this site – see the boxes at the bottom – here’s a list of all the audio interviews (conducted by Alex Fitch unless otherwise noted) available to download:

N.B./ In the case of subjects interviewed on more than one occasion, the link goes to a page containing all the interviews with that person, so scroll down to find the interview you want…
[Currently covers 01/01/07 – 30/07/11, index last updated 01/08/11
Interviews conducted between 27/02/05 and 29/04/08 are indexed at]


Sophie Aldred (Doctor Who) – interview by Simon Guerrier
Monica Baccarin (V / Firefly)
Bérénice Bejo (OSS 117 – Cairo, Nest of Spies)
Lisa Bowerman (Doctor Who / The adventures of Prof. Bernice Summerfield)
Bruce Campbell (Evil Dead)
Craig Charles (Red Dwarf)
Rupert Degas (The Brightonomicon)
Jurgen Delnaet (Moscow, Belgium)
Stephen Fewell (Doctor Who / The adventures of Prof. Bernice Summerfield)
Rich Fulcher (The Mighty Boosh)
Philip Glenister (Life on Mars / Ashes to Ashes)
Dean Haglund (The X-Files)
Linda Hamilton (Terminator 2 / Dante’s Peak)
David Hewlett (Cube / Splice)
Michael Hogan (Battlestar Galactica) – interview by Joel Meadows
Michael Jayston (Doctor Who / Nicholas and Alexandra)
Rachel Luttrell (Stargate: Atlantis) – interview by Liz George
Francis Matthews (Captain Scarlet / Paul Temple)
Sylvester McCoy (Doctor Who / Dracula)
Malcolm McDowell (A Clockwork Orange / Never Apologise)
Bill Moseley (Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 / 2001 Maniacs: Field of Screams)
Brent Spiner (Star Trek: The Next Generation)
George Takei (Star Trek) – interview by Chris Patmore
Jonathan Woodward (Drones / Angel)
Susannah York (They shoot horses don’t they? / The Struggles for Poland)


Nick Goldsmith (Executive producer: A Town called Panic)
Oscar Grillo (Animator: Dad / Monsters Inc.)
Ray Harryhausen (Animator: Jason and the Argonauts / Clash of the Titans)
Javier Mariscal (Designer: Chico and Rita)
Tom Purcell (Animator: The Long Weekend)
Grant Rogers (Animator: Tales of Beatrix Potter, Father Christmas)
Carol Anne Strohmeier (Editor: Beowulf / Who Framed Roger Rabbit)
Vincent Woodcook (Animator: The Tigger Movie / Ducktales)

Cinema programming

Indigo Andersson (Club Whatever @ Central Station)
Geoff Andrew (BFI)
Suzanne Ballantyne (Raindance Film festival) – interview by Virginie Sélavy
Noel Lawrence (Other Cinema, San Francisco / DVD label)
Dennis Laws (BFI IMAX)
Xavier Mendik (Cine Excess) interview by Virginie Sélavy
Robert Rider (The Barbican)
Louis Savy (Sci-Fi London – The London International Science-Fiction Film Festival)
Emma Smart (BFI / London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival)
Pete Tombs / Tejinder Jouhal (‘Bolly-horror’ at the ICA)

Comic book artists

Charlie Adlard (The Walking Dead) – interview by Duncan Nott and Alex Fitch
John and Patrice Aggs (The DFC / Liquid City)
Gabriel (The Umbrella Academy / Casanova)
Glenn Baxter (The Billiard Table Murders)
Arne Bellsdorf (Baby’s in Black)
Hannah Berry (Britten and Brülightly)
Doug Braithwaite (Universe X / Justice)
Raymond Briggs (The Snowman / When the wind blows)
Martin Brown (Horrible Histories)
Mark Buckingham (Fables / Spiderman)
Charles Burns (Black Hole) – interview by Virginie Sélavy
Eddie Campbell (From Hell / Alec) – interviews by Oli Smith and Alex Fitch
Howard Chaykin (American Flagg! / Die Hard Year One)
Becky Cloonan (Demo / East Coast Rising)
Daniel Clowes (Ghost World / Wilson)
Amy Colburn (Manly)
Paul Collicutt (Robot City Adventures)
Ian Culbard (The Hound of the Baskervilles / The Picture of Dorian Grey)
Vince Danks (Harker / Gravestown)
Huw J. Davies (Garth / Freeman)
Alan Davis (Captain Britain / X-Men)
Al Davison (Doctor Who / The Spiral Cage)
D’israeli (Lazarus Churchyard / Scarlet Traces)
Peter Doherty (Judge Dredd Megazine / The Dreaming)
Hunt Emerson (Lady Chatterly’s Lover) – interview by Dickon Harris
Gary Erskine (Knights of Pendragon / Dan Dare)
Garen Ewing (The Rainbow Orchid / The Tempest)
Glenn Fabry (Slaine / Preacher)
Brian Fies (Mom’s Cancer)
Karrie Fransman (The Night I lost my love)
Dave Gibbons (Watchmen / Give me Liberty)
Roger Gibson (Harker / Torchwood)
Melinda Gebbie (Lost Girls) interview by Jenni Scott
Henri Goldsmann (Henry, a dog’s best friend / Secret Agent Spanky Sheep)
Katie Green (Lighter than my shadow)
Peter Gross (The Books of Magic / Lucifer)
Pia Guerra (Y: The Last Man) – interview by Tom Humberstone
Rian Hughes (Dare / Tales from beyond science)
Frazer Irving (Gutsville) – interviews by Duncan Nott and Alex Fitch
Jock (The Losers / 2000AD)
Reinhard Kleist (Johnny Cash: I see a darkness)
Andrzej Klimowski (The Secret / Horace Dorlan)
Roger Langridge (The Muppet Show) – interview by Robin Warren and Alex Fitch
David Lloyd (V for Vendetta / Kickback)
Ross Mackintosh (Seeds)
Jim Mahfood (Clerks / Grrrl Scouts)
Alex Maleev (Daredevil)
Brendan McCarthy (Skin / Rogan Gosh) – interview by Pedro Galvao
John McCrea (Hitman / Troubled Souls)
Sarah McIntyre (Vern and Lettuce / Morris the Mankiest Monster)
Jamie McKelvie (Phonogram / Cable)
Jim Medway (The DFC)
Mike Mignola (Hellboy / Bram Stoker’s Dracula)
Alex Milway (The Mythical 9th Division / The Mousehunter)
Rutu Modan (Exit Wounds) – interview by Ariel Kahn
Fábio Moon (De: Tales / Casanova)
Gary Northfield (Derek the sheep / The Beano)
Kevin O’Neill (The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen / Nemesis the Warlock)
Yanick Paquette (Wolverine / Batman, Inc.) – interview by Dickon Harris
David Petersen (Mouse Guard)
Woodrow Phoenix (Rumble Strip / Donny Digits)
John Romita Jr. (Daredevil / Batman)
Martin Rowson (Tristram Shandy / The Wasteland)
Marjane Satrapi (Persepolis) – interview by Virginie Sélavy
Gerald Scarfe (Pink Floyd: The Wall / Monsters)
Danusia Schejbal (The Master and Margarita / Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde)
Viviane Schwartz (There are Cats in this book / Shark and Lobster)
Nicola Scott (Titans / Wonder Woman)
Geoff Senior (Transformers) – interview conducted by Alex Fitch and Duncan Nott
Gilbert Shelton (The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers)
Walter Simonson (The Mighty Thor)
Art Spielgelman (Maus / Breakdowns) – interview by Grant Rogers
Bryan Talbot (The Tale of One Bad Rat / The Adventures of Luther Arkwright)
Shaun Tan (The Arrival)
Ben Templesmith (30 days of night)
Jill Thompson (Sandman / Scary Godmother)
Adrian Tomine (Optic Nerve / Shortcomings) – interview by Tom Humberstone
Charles Vess (Stardust / Sandman)
Chris Ware (Jimmy Corrigan / ACME Novelty Library)
Ian Williams (Thom Ferrier’s Fear of Flying)
J.H. Williams III (Promethea / Batwoman)
Steve Yeowell (Zenith / The Invisibles)

Comic book writers

Dan Abnett (Knights of Pendragon / Sinister Dexter)
Zan Christensen (The Mark of Aeacus)
Chris Claremont (X-Men / Captain Britain)
Peter David (X-Factor / Incredible Hulk) – interview by Paul Cornell
Jamie Delano (Nevermore / Hellblazer) – interview by Virginie Sélavy
Apostolos Doxiadis (Logicomix)
John Dunning (Salem Brownstone: All along the watchtowers)
Ian Edginton (Scarlet Traces)
Garth Ennis (Preacher / The Boys) – interviews by Duncan Nott and Alex Fitch
Mark Evanier (Kirby – King of Comics / Groo the Wanderer)
Simon Furman (Transformers) – interviews by Alex Fitch and Duncan Nott
Kieron Gillen (Phonogram / Beta Ray Bill)
David Hine (X-Men: The 198) – interview by Duncan Nott and Alex Fitch
Dev Hynes (Lightspeed Champion / Ctrl Alt Shift Unmasks Corruption)
Alex Irvine (Daredevil Noir)
Antony Johnston (Dead Space / Wasteland)
Rich Johnston (The Flying Friar) – interview by Duncan Nott and Alex Fitch
Dale Lazarov (Manly)
Tony Lee (Doctor Who: The Forgotten)
Josie Long (Dodgem Logic / Kindness and exuberance) – interview by Dickon Harris
Pat Mills (Charley’s War) – interviews by Grant Rogers, Duncan Nott and Alex Fitch
Alan Moore (League of Extraordinary Gentlemen / From Hell)
Leah Moore (Sherlock Holmes / Albion) – interviews by Duncan Nott and Alex Fitch
Greg Pak (Incredible Hulk / Incredible Hercules)
Philippa Perry (Couch Fiction)
John Reppion (Sherlock Holmes / Albion) – interviews by Duncan Nott and Alex Fitch
Gary Russell (Doctor Who: Agent Provocateur)
Simon Spurrier (Gutsville) – interview by Duncan Nott and Alex Fitch
Paul Tanter (Jack Said / Jack Falls)
Fred Van Lente (Incredible Hercules / Marvel Zombies)
Gene Luen Yang (Level Up / American Born Chinese)

Comics and literature events

The Arthur C. Clarke Awards 2008 – interviews by Graham Sleight
The Arthur C. Clarke Awards 2009 – interviews by Graham Sleight
The Arthur C. Clarke Awards 2010 – interviews by Graham Sleight and Alex Fitch
Caption 2010 (small press comics fest. featuring Selina Lock and Jeremy Day)
‘City of Abacus’ (Feat. V.V. Brown, David Allain, Lee O’Connor, John Spelling)
‘Dan Dare’ (Garry Leach, Rian Hughes, Rod Barzilay and Gary Erskine) – interviews by John Freeman
The DFC comic book launch (featuring David Fickling and Nick Abadzis)
The DFC Library panel (featuring Kate Brown, Dave Shelton and Ben Haggarty)
Eastercon 2008 part 1 (Nickey Barnard and Christopher Teague)
Eastercon 2008 part 2 (Jetse de Vries, Aliette de Bodard and John Coxon)
Eastside Educational Trust (Graphic Truths project) – interviews by Sarah Lightman
‘Eclectic Micks’ (British International Comics Show)
Future of publishing panel (Sci-Fi London) – interviews by Tom Hunter
Gay Comics Panel (Bristol Comics Expo) – additional questions by Smith and Musson
Handmade and Bound (Comics and ‘zines fair) – interviews by Dickon Harris
London Print Studios Comics Collective (recorded at Laydeez do comics)
Manga Jiman 2007: The UK Japanese Embassy’s ‘Pride in Manga’ competition winners
Manga Jiman 2009 competition winners – interviews by Dickon Harris and Alex Fitch
‘Medical Comics’ (feat. Brian Fies, Philippa Perry, Darryl Cunningham) – interview by Paul Gravett
‘Medical Manga’ (featuring Maria Vaccarella and Ada Palmer)
New Cross Pen Club (Solipsistic Pop / We are Words and Pictures creators)
Sci-Fi Comics Panel (Sci-Fi London)
‘Sioux Warrior’ (Sam Gardner, Jake Rowlinson and Lee O’Connor)
‘Spirit of Hope’ (featuring ed.: Alan Cowsill and publisher: Tim Pilcher)
Stand Up Comics (Stories / music by comic creators) – hosted by Gemma Cantlow
Streatham Library Graphic Novels Readers Group (plus review of Black Hole)
‘Swedish Manga’ panel (Bristol Comics Expo) – introduced by Dickon Harris
Osamu Tezuka panel (Bristol Comics Expo) – hosted by Helen McCarthy
Torchwood novels panel (British Fantasy Society) – hosted by Andrew Cartmel
The UK Web and Mini Comix Thing 2008 various interviews by Oliver Lambden
Louis Wain panel at Comica (Savage Pencil and David Quantick)


Michael Almereyda (Nadja / Shooting Paradise)
Gerry Anderson (Thunderbirds / Fireball XL5)
Paul W.S. Anderson (Death Race / Event Horizon)
Kenneth Anger (Scorpio Rising) – interview by Virginie Sélavy
Dario Argento (Suspiria / Tenebre)
Sophie Barthes (Cold Souls)
Max Bartoli (Atlantis Down)
Rex Bloomstein (KZ / An Independent Mind)
Marc Caro (The City of Lost Children / Dante 01)
Rigoberto Castaneda (KM31) – interview by Virginie Sélavy
Joe Dante (Gremlins / The Movie Orgy)
Jasmine Dellal (Gypsy Caravan)
Maxì Dejoie (The Gerber Syndrome)
Dekker Dreyer (The Arcadian)
Julian Doyle (Chemical Wedding) – interview by Chris Patmore
Gareth Edwards (Monsters)
Nick and Marc Francis (Black Gold)
Stuart Gordon (Re-Animator / Robot Jox)
Peter Greenaway (Nightwatching / The Cook, the Thief, his Wife and her Lover)
Michel Hazanavicius (OSS 117 – Cairo, Nest of Spies)
John Hilcoat (The Road / The Proposition) – interview by Virginie Sélavy
Tobe Hooper (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre / Eggshells)
Malcolm Ingram (Small Town Gay Bar)
Garth Jennings (The Hitch-Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy / Son of Rambow)
Alejandro Jodorowski (El Topo / The Holy Mountain) – interview by Virginie Sélavy
Mike Kaplan (Never Apologise – a personal visit with Lindsay Anderson)
Danny Kuchuk (Cryptic)
Joe Lawlor (Civic Life / Helen)
Guy Maddin (The Saddest Music in the World / My Winnipeg)
Christine Malloy (Civic Life / Helen)
Tesuaki Matsue (Annyong Yumika / Live Tape) – interview by Jasper Sharp
Jack Moik (Nydenion)
Anders Morgenthaler (Princess) – interview by Virginie Sélavy
Paul Morrison (Little Ashes) – interview by Chris Patmore
Allan Moyle (Weirdsville / Pump up the volume)
Vincenzo Natali (Cube / Splice)
Park Chan-Wook (Oldboy / I’m a Cyborg, but it’s okay)
Sally Potter (Orlando / Rage) – interview by Sophie Mayer
Mark Price (Colin)
Christophe Van Rompaey (Moscow, Belgium)
Eli Roth (Hostel / Cabin Fever)
Duncan Roy (A.K.A. / The Picture of Dorian Gray)
Tarsem Singh (The Cell / The Fall) – interview by Chris Patmore
Paolo Sorrentino (Il Divo) – interview by Jessica Fostekew
Frank Spotnitz (The X-Files)
Paul Spurrier (P / Underground)
Daniel Stamm (The Last Exorcism / A Necessary Death)
Joseph Strick (Ulysses / Portrait of the artist as a young man)
David Strohmeier (Cinerama Adventure)
Sandhya Suri (I for India)
Julien Temple (Absolute Beginners)
Monika Treut (Ghosted) – interview by Virginie Sélavy
Mirjam Van Veelan (Megumi)
Nacho Vigalondo (TimeCrimes)
Howard Webster (The Many Worlds of Jonas Moore / Dragon Soccer)
Michael Winterbottom (Code 46 / 24 hour party people)
Andrzej Żuławski (On the Silver Globe / The Third part of the night)

Entertainment panels / Q and As

‘8th Wonderland’ (featuring Nicolas Alberny and Jean Mach)
‘Bird’s Eye View’ (feat. Melanie Light, Kate Shenton and Jennifer Eiss) – interview by Sélavy
‘Blake’s 7’ (Radio drams @ Bristol Comics Expo)
‘Dragon Hunters’ (CGI cartoon @ Sci-Fi London)
‘Eyeborgs’ (SF Thriller @ Sci-Fi London)
Goblin (Scoring genre movies @ The Supersonic festival)
‘Lover’s Lane’ (Short films @ The Raindance Film Festival)
‘The Hunt for Golem’ (Lord of the Rings fan film @ Sci-Fi London)
Low budget Sci-Fi filmmaking (McMorrow / Jobson / Hazeldine / McAbee / Caro)
‘Midnight Magic’ (Basketball documentary @ The Raindance Film Festival)
‘Secret Societies’ one (feat. Mark Pilkington and Richard Bancroft) – interviews by Virginie Sélavy
‘The Struggles for Poland’ @ (Imperial War Museum)
‘Twisted Tales’ (cast of Roald Dahl play discuss his work)
Video shop closures / openings (Home View, Brockley / Close-Up, Hoxton)
‘Wasting Away’ (Zombie movie @ Sci-Fi London)
‘Zoo’ (Documentary discussion @ The Prince Charles Cinema)

Gallery shows and museums

Chloe Brooks (Dreamspace Gallery)
Jeremy Deller (It is what it is: Baghdad [car] 2007) – interview by Roger Tolson
Andrew Hewish (Islington Drawing Centre)
Jo Hatton (Keeper of the Robot Zoo, Horniman Museum)
Sarah Lightman (Curating ‘Diary Drawing’ show)
Martin Myrone (Curator: ‘Rude Britannia’ at Tate Britain)
Anita O’Brien (Curator: The Cartoon Museum / Heath Robinson exhibition)
Curating art as Play (Interviews with curator Julia Alvarez and collector Sara Pierce)
Exhibiting art as Play (Artists: Natasha Kissell, Sarah Baker and Niel Zakiewicz)
James Taylor (Historian, Imperial War MuseumIan Fleming and James Bond)
Brian Wildsmith (Animal Gallery @ The Illustration Cupboard)
Lydia Yee (Curator: The Martian Museum of Terrestrial art)

‘Lucky Cat’ – episodes of Resonance FM’s Asian Culture show presented by Zoe Baxter

The Films of Tetsuya Nakashima (Kamikaze Girls / Memories of Matsuko)
The Films of Park Chan-Wook (Oldboy / Thirst)

Manga / Manhua

Asia Alfasi (JinNarration)
Benjamin (Orange)
Kate Brown (The DFC / A Midsummer night’s dream)
Nie Chongrui (Son of the Merchant)
Mr Clement (Yeah Kou Phobia)
Gillian Sein Ying Ha (Darumafish)
Kate Holden (Indie Manga)
Michael Kacar (Ramen Jiman)
Yuri Kore (The boy who runs from the sun)
Chihoi Lee (The Writer)
Melody Lee (Prick)
Yishan Li (Midnight Blue)
Zarina Liew (The Sun and the Moon / Le Mime) – interview by Dickon Harris
Karen Rubins (Manga Jiman 150 / Urban Beasts)
Sally Jane Thompson (Indie Manga)
Emma Vieceli (Dragon Heir / Much ado about nothing)
Coco Wang (China 5.12)
Zhang Xiaoyu (The Clown)
Hok Tak Yeung (How Blue was my Valley)
Tim (TH) Yu (Red Snow)


John Anderson (Soaring Penguin Press)
David Brawn (Harper Collins)
Suley Fattah (Drawing the line)
Dan Franklin (Jonathan Cape)
John Freeman (Editor: Marvel UK / Doctor Who Magazine)
Steffen P. Maarup (Aben Maler)
Joel Meadows (Tripwire) – interview by Duncan Nott and Alex Fitch
Terome McNally (Semiotic Cohesion)
Kenny Penman (Blank Slate)
Tim Pilcher (Erotic Comics) – interview by Dickon Harris
Ed Pinsent (Fast Fiction)
Christian Quesnel (Le Studio coopératif Premières Lignes)
Matt Smith (Editor: 2000 AD)
Giovanni Spinella (Comic Creators Guild)
Alex Spiro and Nick White (Nobrow Press) – interview by Dickon Harris
Chris Staros (Top Shelf) – interview by Dickon Harris
Mark Waid (Boom! comics) – interview by Duncan Nott and Alex Fitch
Karen Wenborn (Classical Comics) – interview by Duncan Nott

Radio producers

Steve Eley (Escape Pod)
Dirk Maggs (Dirk Gently’s…) – interview by Duncan Nott and Alex Fitch
Dexter O’Neil (Fantom Films / Time Hunter)
Andrew Sewell (Blake’s 7)
Jo Tyler (Lobo / Salmon Doubts)


Jessica Fostekew (Various film reviews)
Tania Glyde ( Films by Jeff Keen)
Michael Hall (Fright Fest ’07)
Joel Karamath (Sweet Sweetback’s Baadasssss Song) – interview by Virginie Sélavy
Granville Markland (Magic on film / Houdini expert)
Greta Mills (Frightfest ’06)
Virginie Sélavy (Various film reviews)
Robin Warren (Notorious / Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde)

Small press

David Baillie (Tongue of the dead / 2000AD)
Gareth Brookes (Man Man / The smell of the wild) – interview by Dickon Harris
Paul Ashley Brown (Browner Knowle) – interview by Dickon Harris
Francesca Cassavetti (Re: Members / The Most Natural Thing In The World)
Richy K. Chandler (Lucy the Octopus / Govinda the Meditating Rabbit)
Jacob Ciocci (Paper Rad / Extreme Animals)
Richard Cowdry (The Comix Reader)
George Cullen (Throw away) – interview by Dickon Harris
Martin Eden (Spandex / The O Men)
Marc Ellerby (Love the way you love / Ellerbisms)
Laura Oldfield Ford (Savage Messiah / Ctrl Alt Shift Unmasks Corruption)
Babak Ganjei (Hilarious Consequences)
Jimi Gherkin (Electric Baby) – interviews by Dickon Harris and Alex Fitch
Andrew Godfrey (The Clichéd Artist / The Selfish Gene)
Isabel Greenberg (Cheer up, love…) – interview by Dickon Harris
David Golding (The Hunter)
Justin Hall (Glamazonia)
Adam Hamdy (The Hunter)
Julian Hanshaw (Sand Dunes and Sonic Booms) – interview by Dickon Harris
Howard Hardiman (Badger)
Pam Harrison (House of the Muses – the latter days of Sappho of Lesbos)
Sally-Anne Hickman (Sex, drawn and Rock and Roll and A Smelly Tail )
Tom Humberstone (How to date a girl in ten days / My Fellow Americans)
Oliver Lambden (Tales from the flat / Bloc)
David ‘Lando’ Lander (Decadance / Last Drink) – interviews by Dickon Harris
Beatrice Lane (The most splendid bands I know) – interview by Dickon Harris
Dan Lester (Monkeys might puke / The Dan Lester Mysteries)
Joe List (Freak Leap / Guardian Weekender)
Andy Luke (Sheridan Cottage / Gran)
Lizz Lunney (I Love Dinosaurs and they Love Me) – interview by Dickon Harris
Steve Marchant (Cartoon Classroom / Stupidface)
Bevis Musson (Queen of Diamonds)
Kala Newman (Impulsive Random Pattern) – interview by Dickon Harris
Paul O’Connell (The Sound of Drowning) – interview by Dickon Harris
Paul Rainey (There’s no time like the present)
Tommy Roddy (Pride High)
Lauren Ann Sharp (Kronos City) – interview by Dickon Harris
Matthew Sheret (We are Words + Pictures)
Oli Smith (Bloc / Weekend Friends) – interviews by Oliver Lambden and Alex Fitch
Steve Tillotson (Banal Pig Comics) – interview by Dickon Harris
Alex Wilmore (Kronos City) – interview by Dickon Harris

Web comics

Sean Azzopardi (Necessary Monsters / 12 Hour Shift)
Brian Andersen (So Super Duper / Unabashedly Billie)
Darryl Cunningham (Psychiatric Tales / Super Sam)
Alex De Campi (Valentine)
Paul Duffield (Freak Angels / The Tempest)
Joumana Medlej (Malaak: Angel of peace)
Jim Medway (Comical Animal / Crab Lane Crew)
Daniel Merlin Goodbrey (Iron Man 2020 / The Rule of Death)
John Miers (Tower of Babel)
Rich Morris (Doctor Who: The Ten Doctors / Yet another fantasy gamer comic)
David O’Connell (Tozo: the Public Servant) – interview by Dickon Harris
Philippa Rice (My Cardboard Life)
Jon Scrivens (Little Terrors / When’s Graham?)
Philip Spence (The adventures of Ninja Bunny)
Transmission X (Cameron Stewart / Ramón Pérez / Karl Kershl)


Stephen Baxter (Voyage / The H-Bomb Girl) – interview by Graham Sleight
Chris Carter (The X-Files)
Paul Cornell (Doctor Who)
John Clarke (Music Journalist: The Times)
Terry Deary (Horrible Histories)
Terrance Dicks (Doctor Who) – interview by Tim Phipps
Cory Doctorow (Little Brother / Overclocked)
Barry Forshaw (Jack Kirby Collector)
Matthew Graham (Life on Mars / Ashes to Ashes)
Paul Gravett (Great British Comics) – interviews by Oli Smith, Duncan Nott, Alex Fitch
Audrey Niffenegger (The Time Traveller’s Wife)
Simon Guerrier (Doctor Who / The adventures of Prof. Bernice Summerfield)
Charlie Higson (The Fast Show / The Enemy / Young Bond)
Charlie Kaufman (Synecdoche, New York / Being John Malkovich)
Joe Lidster (Torchwood)
Ian R. Macleod (Song of Time) – interview by Graham Sleight
Helen McCarthy (The Anime Encyclopedia)
David McGillivray (Frightmare / Satan’s Slave)
Richard Morgan (Black Man / The Steel Remains) – interview by Graham Sleight
Kim Newman (Empire / Sight and Sound)
Philip Pullman (His Dark Materials / The DFC)
Michael Punter (Playwright: Darker Shores / The Wolves)
Ian Rakoff (The Prisoner: Living in Harmony)
Gareth Roberts (Doctor Who) – interview by Simon Guerrier
Trina Robbins (Underground Comix)
Rob Shearman (Love songs for the shy and cynical / Doctor Who)
Alan Shubrook (Century 21 FX)
Stephen Thrower (Nightmare USA / Eyeball Magazine)
Matthew Sweet (Shepperton Babylon / Doctor Who audio)
Rachel Welch (Involution)
Toby Whithouse (Being Human / Doctor Who)
Mark Wright (Adventures of Luther Arkwright [radio] / Dr Who – Project: Lazarus)
Benjamin Yeoh (Nakamitsu / Yellow Gentlemen)


Dan Berry (Illustration for comics lecturer, North Wales School of art and design)
Charles Brownstein (Comic Book Legal Defense Fund)
Jeffrey Coghlan (producer Pontypool)
Dr. Kevin Fong (NASA advisor, Battlestar Galactica) – interview by Chris Patmore
Alex Hogg (Musician: Minima, Silent Movie scores)
Ivo van Hove (Theatre director: The Antonioni Project)
Patricia Jeres (Co-President, Prism Comics)
Ceri May (Y Tuesday Poetry Club) – interview by Dickon Harris
Johanna Mead (Cospaly expert / Costume designer)
Farah Mendlesohn (The British Science-Fiction Association)
Sir Patrick Moore (The Sky at Night)
The Phoenix Games Club (Role Playing and Board games club, Plaistow)
James Rowley-Ashwood (Indie Movies Online)
Wing Commander Ken Wallis (Gyrocopter designer, You only live twice)
Wajid Yaseen (Artistic director, Ear Cinema)


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