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Reality Check: Nostalgia and Cult TV

January 4, 2008

Reality CheckReality Check logo: Nostalgia and Cult TV

Two interviews recorded at last summer’s Cult TV Weekender: Alex talks to actor Philip Glenister (DCI Gene Hunt) and writer Matthew Graham about Life on Mars / Ashes to ashes and to Alan Shubrook, writer of the coffee table book 21 Century FX about his time working on Thunderbirds in the 1960s.

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Links: – Home of the Cult TV Weekender
Wikipedia and BBC pages on Life on Mars
BBC press release about Ashes to Ashes
Allan Shubrook’s homepage – Gerry Anderson fan site

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I’ve heard terrific things about “Life on Mars”–sadly, I live in the boonies of western Canada and we don’t have cable TV so prospects look rather dim at this point. I managed to scam some episodes of “Mighty Boosh” and “Black Books”–boy, the BBC blows its Canadian counterpart out of the water in terms of unique and eccentric programming. Thanks for the post, “Life on Mars” is on my list of “Must see” material…

Cliff Burns

January 4, 2008

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