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Panel Borders: Ladies of the Lakes

October 11, 2020

Interior and cover of Sonic the Comic, and interior art from Care Bears, edited by Deborah Tate / covers of This One Summer, Skim and She-Hulk vol. 2, written by Mariko Tamaki

Ladies of the Lakes: In the first episode of a new series of the monthly radio show about graphic novels and sequential art, Alex Fitch talks to two female creators working in the comic book industry, in Q and As recorded at the Lakes International Comic Art Festival. Deborah Tate discusses her role as editor on the much loved Marvel UK titles for children – Sonic the Comic and Care Bears – working with artist Mick McMahon and writer Mark Miller, and her inititatives to bring eco-friendly messages to both content of the titles, and their physical production. Writer Mariko Tamaki talks about working on independent graphic novels with her cousin Jillian, including Skim and This One Summer, and writing superhero titles such as She-Hulk and Wonder Woman.

This year’s online version of the Lakes International Comic Art Festival – LICAF LIVE – takes place from 9th-11th October at
Originally broadcast 7th October 2020 on Resonance 104.4 FM / DAB (London)

For more audio formats to download and stream, please visit

Links: Info about Deborah’s Sonic the Comic work on the title’s fan wiki and Sonic Turn Pike website
BBC News article on Tate as part of a round-up of Shropshire based creators
Mariko Tamaki’s wikipedia page and blog
Download comics written by Tamaki on the Marvel Unlimited website
Listen to other interviews recorded at The Lakes International Comic Art Festival

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